1980 Born in Winnipeg, MB Canada.

I was raised and cared for by a rotation of many strong independent women. Mom, Nana, Auntie Lindy and Auntie (my day time nanny). Earliest memories are of eating spaghetti with my mom, and crying a lot whenever she wasn’t around.

1985 I moved into a home shared with both Mom and Dad. Started elementary school, and had a cat named Squeak who snored and liked to eat lettuce.

Around this time I also began my acting career; performing plays with my cousin Beth that we would make up and act out together at family birthday parties and Christmas.

Summers were spent at our family cottage on Lake Winnipeg in Sandy Hook, MB. Probably some of the best times of my life. By 1998 I was working at the Pizza Hut nearby in the summer and driving my Nana’s old ’83 Toyota Corolla, whose steering wheel always tilted to the right.

2002-03 Graduated from the University of Winnipeg majoring in theatre and moved my acting skills from family birthday parties to the professional stage at Prairie Theatre Exchange in a title role in Master Harold… and the Boys by Athol Fugard. I also made my professional debut in front of the camera with leading roles in 2030CE, MTV’s Everbody’s Doing It, and horror movie The Brotherhood 3: Young Demons.

2004 Moved to Toronto after signing with powerful agent and just overall super swell guy Bryan Misener at The Character’s Talent agency. Then booked a lead role on teen drama Instant Star and started getting recognized on the street by random strangers for being in something but they don’t know what.

2006 went to Los Angeles for the first time and signed with management company Magnolia Entertainment where a young Alissa Feldman worked answering phones and sending out auditions. Alissa would work her way up to becoming a full fledged manager with Authentic Management and lucky for me, my manager as well.

Acting career and life continues with typical ups and downs. I do some traveling. I try ballroom dancing. I take up wine tasting as a hobby. Work at a wine bar. I win a Frisnok tournament one summer. Plus lead roles in TV series such as Saving Hope, The LA Complex, and movies like A Little Bit Zombie, Without a Paddle: Nature’s Calling.(See IMDb for acting credits)

2011 I ramp up my acting training by starting to study regularly at the Lonsdale Smith Studios in Toronto and Los Angeles as well as with teachers: Larry Moss, Rae Ellen Bodie, David Rotenberg. I realize there is a lot to learn about this acting thing.

2015 Cast in CBC series This Life, in a role playing a character who, for the first time, is the same age as me. I get to act and grow a beard. A dream come true.

2016 I get married to my girlfriend of 5 years Emilie Poulin. She completely renovates our condo. I’m scared of the change at first, (like getting married) but I learn to let go, and now our home looks incredible and I get to experience my life with one of the most extraordinary artists and person I’ve ever met, and whom I love with everything I’ve got. We live in Toronto with our cat Simcoe who is way more attention seeking and cuddly and loving than any cat should be, which works very well for our personalities.

2019 Our family grows and we welcome our daughter into this world. She’s the most beautiful creature I’ve ever seen (sorry Simcoe). What is life now? I’m more confused, but more happy than ever.